Tablet PCs rugged

Rugged & reliability computers specifically addressed to professional and corporate users.

Handheld PCs

Heavy-duty PDA and smartphone design for harsh conditions, humidity and extreme temperatures.

Panel PCs rugged

Compact computers compatible with VESA system for fixing to the vehicle or wall.

The partner when it comes to rugged mobile computers

Ruggtek is an advanced way of imagining the laptop, no longer as a fragile object to pay attention to, but as a robust device, usable in a wide variety of environments.
A portable terminal that combines resistance, design and technological innovation.

Ruggtek is focused in the supply of rugged tablet PCs and handheld PCs specifically designed for professional and corporate users.
Ruggtek’s products cover a wide range of applications.
Each terminal is distinguished by its different characteristics and different application options.

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Customization of the device or the packaging with printing the logo, labels and user's manual.


Windows and Android personalized or development a mobile software application (APP).


Study and development a new terminal or an accessories to adapt at working environment.

Our clients generates 85% more economic value with our custom services

Create added value around your projects with a customization to meet the different application needs of the customer. The graphic layout options allow you to create unique product for you. It’s simple and fast to do.

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Supply tablet PCs or PDAs with graphics customization
Supply including APP and customized operating system

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